A kind of love never felt before

There are surely a lot of kinds of love but I never felt something like this until I knew I was pregnant. The feeling of becoming a mother is so priceless that you cannot even define how it exactly feels. It’s actually a mixed emotion of excitement, fear, happiness, gratefulness, but it all boils down to a single word, “love”. With my past relationships, I’m quite sure of myself that I’m the kind of person who will do everything just to keep a loved one happy. I’m always willing to sacrifice my own happiness just to make sure that my partner’s needs are met. But this time it’s more than what I usually feel. I have this unexplainable attachment to my unborn child already that makes me feel so positive all the time. I’m sure most moms will agree to this. At night I can’t even catch a good sleep because I keep on imagining how my baby will look like when he’s born already. I always wonder how cute his fingers and toes are and what’s the color of his skin and hair. I spend hours every night just simply thinking where can he possibly get his eyes from? From his dad or from me? How about his nose? His lips? Every time I think of those things it makes me love someone I’ve never been seen but I know that he’s there but not there yet. It’s like having an imaginary type or “love”.  

 The most exciting part of my imagination is when he tries to make me feel his presence. That’s the time he makes his “magical kicks”. I call it magical because it makes a waves in my tummy every time he does that. It’s like a rolling golf ball inside my tummy that keeps rolling and rolling that sometimes it even reaches my rib cage and I couldn’t breathe. I love it when I try to talk to him, I feel like he’s already listening to me. Whenever I’m down or happy, he’s always listening and I know he loves me too. I really love my unborn child and couldn’t wait for more weeks to arrive because I want to see him already. I want hug and kiss him and offer my breast for him to suck all the milk made of love. I’m 36 weeks pregnant now and I hope he’s arriving sooner so I can share with him this love I’ve never felt before.